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Thank you for your trust and support

Will February 27, 2019 0 comments

The incredible momentum behind the fund rising campaign has been a huge inspiration for Artlin. Since the campaign closed last December, Artlin been working nonstop to prepare for the production and get deliver APro to your hands. The first batch of 100+ ready stock units had been fully sold within the last 2 months.

It’s important that we maintain complete transparency to our community, so we want to be upfront with you about our updated timeline.
Pre-order customers will receive their orders between 20 to 40 days with exclusive discounts for APro Bundle and APro CarryMax Backpack.

We hope to start deliveries on a rolling basis as soon as we can. Before production, it was difficult to estimate how long it would take to manufacture and ship APro because we didn’t know how big the demand for APro was. But now that we have clarity around the demand, we are able to make a more accurate timeline for APro.

Thank you for believing in us.
We appreciate your patience as we work to get APro to you as soon as possible. We’ve learned a lot over the past few months, and we’re so grateful that our community has believed in us along this journey.

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