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Story of Geartory & GT Production

A manufacturer and distributor for innovative products, operating in Malaysia & Singapore region. Since our conception, we have successfully procured & distributed some of the best brands in the market to the end users.

Our Philosophy

We work with brands that we believe 100% in ourselves. When choosing new brands we are extremely selective and we always wait for the right brand to show. We have to believe in the brand, before we can expect others to do so! It is the foundation of our success to believe in what we do and the brands we work with.

Three Pillars

We produce and distribute products for well known brands, offering training services and after-sales support.

GT Production

GT Production provides professional photography and video production services which eternalize important moments of our clients. We specialize in portraits, products, and events including corporate, engagement, wedding, and etc.

Meet the Executive Team

Customer Relationship Director

Michael Chee

Michael Chee

Brand Strategy Director

Coach Sean

Coach Sean

Procurement Director

Will Wong

Will Wong